BMO, the adorable sentient video game console on Cartoon Network's Adventure Time, has been lovingly recreated as a working Lego model, using a Raspberry Pi microcomputer. Michael Thomas, a software developer, created the build for this weekend's Seattle BrickCon. The model has "Lego skin and a Raspberry Pi heart."

"I had purchased a Raspberry Pi and was trying to come up with interesting unique projects to make use of it. Being a fan of LEGO, I'm also always looking for creative LEGO builds to take on. I had seen some other Raspberry Pi LEGO cases, and I knew the two fit well together. Around that time, I was also just starting to watch episodes of Adventure Time," he said.

Using a Model B Raspberry Pi board, along with a 4GB SD card, the build runs on Raspbian Linux OS. His BMO can run video games, surf the internet and play video on a 2.5-inch TFT display screen. All in all, the build took a few weeks to gather parts, and to put the whole thing together, which required a good amount of soldering.



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