Carlos Valero is the brilliant mind behind this functional, life-size and creepy-as-hell Lego Alien Facehugger. This MOC 1:1 scale model uses only 500 bricks, and is so beautifully-accurate it would make Giger blush.

Considering that Alien is one of the best (if not the best) Sci-Fi horror films ever made, it's fitting that it gets some Lego love. Perhaps if the stars aligned and the Lego gods looked favorably upon us, perhaps one day an official Alien set could be released. Unfortunately, that will likely never happen, because Lego doesn't want its toys endorsing violent behavior. But how amazing would an egg-laying Alien Queen set be? Perched on her biomechanical throne, with cute, little minifig victims waiting to be implanted with a Xenomorph embryo, by parasitoid facehuggers...but I digress.


If you want to see another impressive Lego Alien homage check out this beautifully-detailed build of the Nostromo transport ship.

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