This Light Switch Texts You Pictures of the Guys Robbing Your House

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You've just arrived home from the worst business trip ever (to Cleveland, no less) only to find your back door jimmied and your valuables gone. Had you installed this spy light switch, you could have... watched it all happen, live.

The Spy Camera Light Switch is exactly what it sounds like — a functioning light switch with a built-in motion sensor and camera. The spy switch records video at a res of 320x240 at 30fps (with audio), and snaps 1280x960 JPEGs. Data is recorded to the on-board 2GB MicroSD card for later retrieval. The device can be remotely operated from your phone and, if you install a SIM card, the device will also text you these images, hopefully giving you enough heads up to call the cops. And then you can watch a live feed of it all going down. [via Chinavasion]