This Map Shows Where the Assholes On Twitter Are From

You can use Twitter for a lot of things, but two of the most basic are saying "good morning" and saying "fuck you." They're both simple sentiments, but each hails from a different end of the courtesy spectrum. Now you can see what parts of the U.S. favor which one.

This Twitter heat map by Vertalab not only shows you roughly where people like to say "good morning" versus where they say "fuck you" but it also shows you how those trends progress over the course of the day. After you've picked your phrase of choice, you can pick the day of data you'd like to see, hit play, and watch the whole thing play through.


It's interesting seeing where the pockets of "good morning" tend to be. Georgia, for example, seems hit that one pretty hard almost every day. You won't be surprised to learn that "fuck you" on the whole, is way more popular. Remember kids, balance and communication is the key to healthy relationships on and offline, so start off the day right with a nice "good morning and fuck you." [Google Maps Mania h/t @amlibraries]

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