This Mashup of 2014's Biggest Hits Is a Good Pop Song on Its Own

'Tis the season for year-end greatest hits mashups, and as usual, DJ Earworm's annual United States of Pop does not disappoint. His "Do What You Wanna Do" covers all the major bases, from Taylor Swift to SexLord TrumpetKing Jason Derulo.


If you're worried about having a frustration aneurysm if you hear "All About That Bass" one more time, be forewarned, it's here, I'm not going to do you like that. But I'm with you and I still enjoyed listening to this, though I'm a little surprised "Anaconda" and "Drunk In Love" are nowhere to be found.

United States of Pop is the only year-end hit mashup I've heard, but maybe I'm missing superior, Trainor-free options on ye olde 'net. If there's a better option out there, I'd love to hear it.

Otherwise, I'm curious: What were your favorite pop songs this year that didn't make the cut?

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listen to any of the mashups from 2009-2011. Also the Danthology for those years.

Maybe I didn't pay enough attention, but as far as I know 2014 sucked for pop music. Shake it Off and Bang Bang are really the only songs worth listening to IMHO.