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This Might Be The Best Boba Fett Figure Ever

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Sure, it's not as ginormous as Hot Toys' Quarter-scale efforts, and he might be more expensive than the similarly-sized Black Series version — but Kaiyodo's newest Star Wars toy is maybe the most poseable toy of everyone's favourite Bounty Hunter we've ever had.

The 5th entry in their Star Wars Revoltech range depicts Boba as he was seen in The Empire Strikes Back, and while the 6-inch figure can draw several comparisons to Hasbro's own version from the Black Series line, where the Revoltech Boba stands out is in the sheer amount of articulation involved.


I quite like that middle pose there. Super-Boba, away!

The ridiculous amount of articulation lets you pretty much pose Boba however you want, whether that's standing all ominously with his blaster rifle at the ready, aiming his wrist-mounted rocket launcher, or haplessly careening into the side of a sail barge (sail barge and abject humiliation for what was meant to be the most badass bounty hunter in the galaxy not included). Speaking of careening, Boba also comes with a stand so you can pose him as if he's flying using his jetpack.


Well, I say flying, in the movies is was pretty much only good for sending him thwacking into the side of that sail barge. But I digress!

Aside from the stand, Boba comes lightly accessorised - a few extra hands and two guns, his blaster rifle and a small pistol. But honestly, you're not getting a figure like this for the accessories, you're getting it for the freedom of poseability. Plus, it's all he really needs!

Boba Fett will be out in Japan later in May for 5,400 yen — or around $44. An awful lot for a small figure, but almost worth it for something so pretty.


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