This Mooring Tool Is Next-Level Design Sorcery

Every now and then, a bit of engineering comes by that is both deeply simple, and beautifully complex. This tool for hooking the mooring lines of boats onto a dock cleat is flat-out mesmerizing.

Securing boats by mooring lines onto dock cleats, buoys, or anything else isn't exactly a complicated task: wrap the line around the anchor point, knot everything up, and you're done. Sure, you could hop off the boat onto the dock and accomplish this task easily with your mark-one dexterous hands, but it's hypnotizing to watch this hook flip and fold to tuck the rope around and through in one deceptively-simple swoop.

This tool would be downright extravagant on any of the smaller boats I've puttered about in while communing with my beloved Pacific, but I can imagine it would have greater utility on massive yachts where it's no simple task to lean over the side and grab onto a buoy to slip the ropes through. While I'll continue to do everything manually during my sailing adventures instead of buying a fancy tool, that doesn't make this design any less clever. Nicely done, Robship.


Tip and title via Noah Brunn. Animated gif extracted from YouTube footage. I highly recommend against reading pending comments today. Shh, but pending comments are doing just fine.

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Pie 'oh' Pah

Jesus. It is kind of a luxury item, but I can think of two shitty deliveries that would have been at least a little bit better with one of those handy.

By the way... not sure how to submit tips for Space, but if you haven't seen this yet, then you might be interested.