This Movie Trailer for Half Life Has Nothing to Do With the Video Game But You Should Watch It Anyways

There are a few ways the upcoming movie Half Life differs from the beloved PC game Half-Life. First and foremost is a hyphen, whose absence is driving my spellcheck absolutely bonkers. The second is that despite being a scifi film about a solitary worker in an immense, abandoned scientific facility, it has nothing else in common with its more famous brethren.


Half Life stars Sarah Habel as a safety inspector who visits a nuclear waste repository, staffed solely by former Hobbit Dominic Monaghan, who has lost a bit of his social skills. Then a supposedly amnesiac stranger played by Tom Sizemore stops by, and it appears that they all have secrets that will lead to betrayal/a mind-blowing twist/horror.

I wonder whether the fact that the movie shares its title with the immensely popular game will help it, primarily by confusing game fans into seeing the film, or if it will hurt it, by enraging fans for stealing the game’s name. Either way, if Dominic Monaghan picks up a crowbar at any point during the film, I’m guessing there will be hell to pay.

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I had no idea that safety inspectors looked like models. If there is anything that Hollywood has taught me is that science and technology are staffed to the brim with young and attractive women —who often need saving despite supposedly being very competant.

Also, I am sure that taking a shower unattended like that is a normal part of safety inspection protocols.