If drawing on the walls at home is a no-no, drawing on the walls at a museum is a massive don't-even-think-about-it. Or it was, until the playful design duo behind Matheny Studio teamed up with Melbourne's National Gallery of Victoria to create a new on-site space where kids can strap on crayon studded helmets, shoes, and all kinds of wacky gear and go completely nuts. All. Over. Everything.

Pastello - Draw Act looks like so much fun! I mean, think back—way back—to your youth: How many times were you given the chance to doodle on something other than a sheet of paper?

And did you ever use your noggin, or your freaking feet, to make modern art in a public place? To leave your signature on the furniture and get applauded, not some bummer time-out?

With medicine ball-sized crayons, wooden utensils doused in jewel-toned color, and wearable accessories that look like Lord of the Flies meets Sleeper criss-crossed with the essence of Rainbow Brite, the whole thing seems like it would be heaven for creatively-inclined children.

If you can swing a trip to Oz, Pastello will be up through August 31st. [Knstrct]