This Negative Space Chess Set Is Beautifully Simplistic

Chess sets can often be overly fussy, with intricate or unusual pieces distracting from the game at hand. Not so this gorgeous negative space chess set, though, with each piece represented by the void drilled into a transparent acrylic block.

Created by American designer Stefan Gougherty, each of these transparent blocks has a central core drilled out, leaving a void which is then painted. Gougherty describes the design process to Dezeen:

"After researching various methods of fabricating something clear. I realised that drilling cavities inside acrylic blocks using a milling machine would produce a new expression, especially when exaggerated with paint. The challenge was [to translate] the classic chess pieces we are familiar with into distilled geometric cousins."


And the work was certainly well worth it. The sets were commissioned by Geremia Design and come in either yellow, white or red, each with black counterparts. Pricing and availability are as yet unclear. [Stefan Gougherty via Dezeen]

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