This Next Generation Conveyor Belt Sushi Restaurant Is the Future

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Conveyor belt sushi restaurants are usually only worth going to once in your life. The sushi is hardly ever amazing since it spins on the belt over and over again while the dishes you actually want might be snatched ahead of you so you never get to eat it. Not to mention plates stacking on your table, plastic covers getting in your way and the lack of personalized orders. It's a gimmick! It's okay though, Japan has figured out those problems with this next generation conveyor belt sushi restaurant.

Along with the usual conveyor belt offerings, this restaurant also has a high speed belt that'll zip out your custom orders (ordered via tablet, of course) immediately. Think of it as the fast lane on the highway. But for raw fish. The restaurant also collects your plates table side, just insert them into a receptacle and it'll calculate your tab for you. There's even a mini-game where you get a spin of the wheel for prizes after you finish five dishes.

Quality of the sushi aside (which we don't know), it's a near perfect representation of what we once imagined the future of restaurants to be: waiter-less, machine operated fun eating capsules where you can get whatever you want (as long as it's sushi in this case, I guess). [World News via The Atlantic Wire]