This Nike Shoebox Is Actually a Secret Safe

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You can get safes camouflaged as everything from water bottles to cans of shaving cream, but our new favorite way to protect your valuables might be this Nike shoebox strongbox that few intruders will even think to look inside—unless they’re really after a rare pair of Jordans.


The Mandem Safe isn’t available for sale just yet, but its creators do have prototypes made using five-millimeter thick folded steel on the inside, surrounded in an innocuous cardboard box. The camouflaged safe even has pre-drilled holes on the bottom so you can secure it to a floor and prevent someone from running off with it. As a result there are no specifics on pricing or availability just yet, but if you really want to ensure no one touches your valuables, maybe a Reebok shoebox safe might be a better idea?

[The Mandem Safe via Hypebeast]

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Shpee's Easybakestaybe Oven

Considering the demographics of looters, I don’t think a Nike shoe box will be a safe place to hide anything.