This Optimus Prime turns into a Playstation 1, and that's Magnificent

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I mean, why be a truck when you could be one of the coolest video game consoles ever? Smart choice, Optimus.

This gorgeous mishmash of two Japanese icons is in celebration of both Transformer's 30th anniversary this year, and Playstation's 20th, and stands at around 19cm tall when it's in Robot mode. It does, of course, transform from leader of the Autobots, into a replica of the original Playstation:


I love that it comes with a memory card for no real reason. And that the controller is part of the transformation too.

Unfortunately despite the anniversaries being this year, Takara Tomy won't release Optimus until February of next year, and he'll set you back a pretty penny if you're going to try and import it. Such beauty apparently has an asking price of 10,000 yen - or around $90. You could probably get an original Playstation 1 for a lot less than that these days, but would it turn into Optimus Prime? No, no it wouldn't.


If you're looking to preorder, you can do so at import-friendly sites like Ami Ami or Hobby Link Japan.

[Ebten via Topless Robot]

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