Yesterday the good citizens of Los Angeles were surprised to see water falling from the sky. Water! From the sky! Like it was no big deal! What will Mother Nature dream up next?

Less surprising was the fact that some cocky palm tree took the opportunity to show off. It seems everybody’s trying to get famous in this town.


Author Colin Dickey spotted this palm tree on Instagram, where you can find others on the east side of the city who were a bit startled by the apocalyptic imagery flickering just outside their windows. Apparently some lightning got the party started.

A little rain is enough to shut down a bone-dry city like Los Angeles. But add some burning palm trees that laugh in the face of said rain? That’s certainly taking things to another level.


What’s next for the City of Our Lesser Angels? Let’s check in with our meteorologist friends for the extended forecast in LA:

Illustration for article titled This Palm Tree on Fire in the Pouring Rain Pretty Much Sums Up LA

Just four more years, guys! We’re almost there!

Image: Screenshot from the 1982 utopian fantasy movie Blade Runner, set in the year 2019


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