This Perpetual Plotter Clock Is More Relaxing Than a Zen Garden

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There's a certain charm to old-school analog clocks, unless you're part of the generation that never learned how to properly decipher a bunch of numbers laid out in a circle. So Thingiverse user 'joo' has created a happy medium for those more comfortable with a digital clock, but like seeing a bunch of moving parts, with this contraption that writes out the time, erases it, and then starts all over again minute after minute.


Watching it write out the current time again and again is surprisingly relaxing and hypnotic, and it's far easier to maintain than a pond full of koi. Every few days you just need to feed it a new erasable marker and it's happy.

If you want one for your desk to help take the edge off work, you'll have to 3D print and build your own because you can't just buy the Plotclock outright. But 'joo' has posted all the info you'll need over on Thingiverse minus soldering and basic electronics know-how. [Thingiverse via I Heart Chaos]