Lenovo has just announced that it’s producing its own media streamer, in the same vein as Google’s Chromecast—but with a few extra features. The neat, black puck will let you beam video straight to your TV from most devices, for the princely sum of $50.

Unlike Google’s offering, which plugs straight into the HDMI port on your TV, Lenovo’s opted for a round black block that measures 70mm across and 15mm high (though it still connects via HDMI, obviously). While the device works with the same Google Cast standard that the Chromecast uses, it also support Windows 8.1 and iOS devices through Miracast and DLNA, making it a rather more versatile piece of hardware. In terms of specs, it will pipe 1080P video to your TV, receive streams from up to 65 feet away and supports 5GHz Wi-Fi networks, too. The Cast will be available around the world in August for $50. But you might want to wait and see what Google announces at I/O later today before you settle on buying one. [Lenovo via Android Central]


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