It's good form to send a thank you note when given a gift, but how many of us ever really manage to find the time to do so? A New York company called Bond Gifts assumes very few of us, so it's created an app-powered robot with perfect penmanship that can hand write a thank you—or any kind of note—on your behalf.

The Bond Gifts iOS app is a free download that lets you craft a custom message up to 255 characters in length. But to actually have the message scrawled across a fancy gold-embossed card and mailed, complete with a wax seal, will cost you five bucks. So if you're sending thank you notes to 100+ wedding guests, the service gets expensive. But if the consequence is offending your friends and family because you're too lazy to scribble the words 'thank you,' it might just be worth it in the long run. [Bond Gifts via Ars Technica]

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