This Rollerball Pen Lets You Draw Conductive Circuits

Forget printing circuits: how about drawing 'em instead? At least, that's what you can do with this rollerball, which spews out conductive silver ink to let you doodle circuits all day long.

The Circuit Scribe pen lets you draw smooth lines, which don't require any drying time, with the ink fuss-free—it's not smelly, messy or gloopy, like alternatives. You can effectively throw out those bits of circuit breadboard you have and draw circuits as complex as you like straight on a page, then even use 'em with things like Makey Makey and Arduino boards. Or just use simple LEDs, batteries and the like to educate kids.


Currently on Kickstarter, a $20 pledge secures you a pen, or for a little more it will arrive with a bunch of simple electronic components so you can get to playing around right away. I can't think of a better way to get kids excited about electronics, so if you want your little 'un to grow up an engineer, you know what to do. Or, hey, just get one for yourself. [Kickstarter via Boing Boing]

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Pencils already do this.