Skateboarding's earliest shredders cut their teeth in empty pools and drainage pipes, but extreme sport-boardin' has come a long way in the years since. There are plenty of devoted skateparks out there now, but this one in Denmark goes back to those roots by doubling as a functional drainage system.

Dreamt up by Danish design firm Nordarch, Rabalder Park's key feature is its giant, dipped skatepark bowls that are hooked directly into the town's existing water canal system and can hold up to six million gallons of rain or flood water—about ten olympic-sized swimming pool's worth. The park's not just for skating though; it has fitness equipment and grilling areas as well, all designed to be strategically submerged if the weather gets wild.


The whole place might not quite so pretty if it has to spend a few days underwater, but a slightly sludgy skatepark beats the hell out of an uncontrolled flood. And in the meantime, there's always swimming. [Nordarch via Inhabitat]


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