Never have the footsoldiers of a fascist interstellar empire looked so stylish as they do in this amazing life-sized recreation of Star Wars' Stormtroopers by Etsy user Midian Craftworks.

The work gone into the piece is nothing short of incredible - Nikita Leigh, the maker, had to cut each piece of glass (over 500 in total) by hand before soldering it all together to create the helmet. Although it's an incredibly weighty lamp, considering it's made of glass and Lead solder, Leigh does demonstrate that you can actually wear it as a helmet:


Which is pretty amazing, even if Leigh strongly advises against it.

If you want you can buy the Lamp from her Etsy store, however it comes with a high price reflective of the huge amount of work she put into crafting it - the Helmet, along with a stand which includes a cord and socket for a light bulb, costs a whopping $3,100. Honestly seems like it's worth it, considering how good it looks! You can see a few more pictures of the Lamp over at Midian Craftworks' Etsy page, as well as her other geeky crafts, linked below.

[Etsy via Technabob]

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