This Stretchable Sculpture of The Notorious B.I.G. Is Actually Made From Thousands of Sheets of Paper

GIF: YouTube

Artist Felix Semper’s latest work, a bust of Notorious B.I.G. he calls Big Poppa, looks like it was carved from a giant chunk of heavy stone. But it’s actually made from thousands of sheets of paper that have been all glued together— allowing the sculpture to be stretched and elongated, but still able to return to its original form.

It’s almost like playing with a giant Slinky, but Big Poppa isn’t going to magically walk down stairs. Because it’s made from paper, the sculpture is relatively delicate, although Semper encourages people to play with his creation instead of just snapping photos destined for Instagram.

[YouTube via designboom]

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It really pisses me off when artists so blatantly rip off another artist’s schtick.