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This Supercut Of Super Sentai Heroine Transformations Is My Happy Place

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Japan's insanely long-running Super Sentai series has produced a lot of really amazing female heroes and villains — including one who blows explosive kisses at people. (In the U.S., we know Super Sentai as Power Rangers, sort of.) Here's a lovely reel of Super Sentai Heroines transforming. Warning: highly addictive.

Pretty much the best thing anyone's given me this Christmas is a two-hour compilation of Super Sentai Heroines footage in the original Japanese, one hour covering 1975 to 1991, and one hour covering 1992 to 1997. That does not appear to be online, sadly. But the supercut above is the next best thing. Plus here's a tribute to "Sentai's Toughest Women":

And if you want more incredible Sentai transformations, without regard to gender this time, here's another incredible supercut, nearly 25 minutes of "Henshins," or magical costume changes:

Still want more? ME TOO. Here is a 46-minute compilation of Henshins and Roll Calls, in which we not only get to see them transform, but announce themselves one by one, over and over. Worth it just for the disco music around 01:45. Also, once you get to about 25 minutes in, everybody has slogans to go with their names, like "Hate Cruel Wickedness!" "Investigate Mysteries Using Futuristic Technology!" It's what we all need, on this day and all days.