This Superman Poster Encompasses Everything Great About The 1978 Movie

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The most recent Superman movies have been darker, meaner, more cynical than the old flicks. Some people love it, but others yearn for the Superman of old that was wondrous and optimistic. Here’s a poster that embodies that oceanic sentiment.

Artist JC Richard allowed us to debut his latest print, “Son of Krypton.” It’s a signed and numbered limited edition screenprint in an edition of 200.

The poster, inspired by Richard Donner’s original Superman film, was Richard’s reaction to seeing Batman v Superman. He just felt he needed a reminder of the more idealized version of the character. We think he delivered.


“I’m still not sure what happened,” Richard told us. “All I remember is stumbling back to the studio in a kind of mild fury, resentful of the way this new film had treated my beloved hero. So I did as I so often do, sought immediate solace in the past, threw in the 1978 movie and filled my thoughts with Reeve, Ford, Brando, data crystals and classic suit colors. Watching Superman the Movie for the 500th time, I was again inspired by Jor-El’s sacrifice and lessons, by Pa Kent’s quiet wisdom, by Clark’s extreme kindness even when faced with personal suffering and fear. Over the course of those 2 hours everything else fell away, and Superman became a hero all over again.”


The poster will be exclusively on sale on Richard’s website, Friday April 15 at 2pm EST.