This Timelapse Turns LA's Nightmarish Traffic Into the City's Most Beautiful Feature

Beverly Hills, Hollywood, Santa Monica; all great reasons to visit Los Angeles that are unfortunately overshadowed by the city’s overwhelming traffic and perpetually-gridlocked highways. But through the lens of Ralph & Randy’s timelapse cameras, LA’s traffic nightmare somehow looks like best reason to head to the West Coast.


The seventh video in their TimeLAX series, which makes the city of Los Angeles appear even more frenetic and high energy, was filmed mostly at night and when the locals and tourists were crowding LA’s highways and byways. It almost makes you wonder why anyone who lives there would ever want to own a car, or even try to leave their homes.




Very cool. The music had me wistfully remembering the late 80s, while the visuals got me thinking about the awesome/criminally underrated crime thriller, ‘Heat’.

Man, that’s a great fucking movie.