This Tree-Eating Tank Is the Stuff of Nightmares

Back in the day, humans chopped down forests the old-fashioned way: lumberjacks with axes. Obviously, a 20,000-pound monster with tank treads and massive saws mounted on a crane does the job harder, better, faster, stronger.

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This is the EcoLog 590D. It’s designed to down trees in rugged terrain, strip them of their branches, and chop them into segments in a matter of seconds. The hulking rubber tires can be wrapped in tank treads for extra traction, and the front wheels come with a “balanced bogie option” that will hoist the machine a few extra feet into the air. With the spotlights blazing, it’s the epitome of the deforestation monsters you might see on a good episode of Captain Planet. EcoLog maintains that it’s committed to the environment.

GIF by Andrew Liszewski.

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Meh. This is pure nightmare fuel. This machine can devour an entire tree within seconds.