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How robots have already taken over our world

If you think it's just a joke that robots are going to replace humans, it's not. It's going to happen. In fact, CGP Grey explains in 'Humans Need Not Apply' how it's already happening around us right now. You might not notice it but you will after you watch how we're following historical patterns towards obscurity.


We, as a people, are always blinded by the idea of the future and technological progress is the shiny and fancy and new and expensive stuff. But that's not the future we live in. In reality, as CGP Grey shows us, real change happens when last decade's shiny and fancy and new and expensive stuff becomes cheaper and faster.

Like how big machinery replaced manual labor, computers are replacing human intelligence. The general purpose robots today are the computers of the 80's. We're just horses compared to a robot's car. Hell, a robot car is going to replace our own car. And then replace all the people who work in the transportation industry. And then there's software, which will be designed to power everything and leave us behind.

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as with all economically relevant technological innovations, machines are not replacing humans, they are simply shifting humans into positions which are better suited to non-algoritmic thinking.

Translation: as machines get better at mechanical tasks, people are forced to get better at "people-ical" task.

Articles and videos like this only serve to further a narrow understanding. Yes, we need to recognize that work shifts occur and we should force technological innovators to foot the full cost of their innovations (including social costs), but the "oh no, they took 'is joobbbbbb" crap is needlessly simplistic and naive