For those who take their cycling seriously, a bike is more than just a form of transport: It's a trusty companion, a faithful steed, and a work of art. The Berlin-based design team at .flxble have created a wall-mounted wooden rack that will allow you to store your ride in style, making it part of your home decor—kinda like a shrine.

The Bike Dock structure is, essentially, just a flat piece of birch. Its cleverness comes from a series of specially situated, CNC-milled slits, which allow for a nice 90 degree joint, kept in place with two polyamide straps (a strip of felt will keep your frame from getting scratched when its resting on top).

Now, this will save floor space—a huge plus—but you’d need a pretty substantial expanse of wall to make it work (I have no such substantial expanse of wall, and am guessing a lot of studio-livin’ city dwellers are in the same spot). The space-challenged will also need to be careful of knocking it over, and of leaving scuff marks along that same trail.


But, if you can swing it, this is certainly a worthy way to stow your baby. Pick the shade you like best and buy yours here for €198 (or $270). [Design Milk]