This Week in Time Capsules: You're Capsuling It Wrong

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This week in our time capsule news round-up we have the good, the bad, and the boring.


New "time capsule" in Texas will last two weeks tops

There are no official rules to building a time capsule. But if you'd like something to survive into the future, you better use a container. Unfortunately, a high school in Texas didn't get that memo.

The school in Bonham, Texas more or less just put a jersey in a shallow grave at the 50 yard line of their new football field. It's hard to call just burying a jersey a "time capsule" and this, of course, won't protect the jersey at all for future generations. But perhaps the greatest risk is that in such a shallow hole, it will no doubt be dug up by vandals. Godspeed, little buddy. [KXII]

Boring 1950s Virginia time capsule is boring

A time capsule from 1950 was discovered this week in Roanoke, Virginia, inside an old school that was shuttered in 2010. They're currently demolishing the school but luckily the capsule was discovered before it became just another piece of rubble. Inside the cornerstone capsule they discovered pretty standard stuff: some coins, a few stamps, some newspapers, and other printed ephemera like a small booklet of traffic laws. Nothing too exciting but they can't all be winners, can they? [Roanoke Times]

25-year-old Louisiana capsule replaced with new iPhone capsule

The city of Sulphur, Louisiana cracked open a time capsule from 1989 this week. It was chock full of bumper stickers, newspapers, and a VHS tape which hasn't been watched yet.


The city has created a new time capsule, which is said to include an iPhone. The good folks of 25 years hence will probably have a hearty laugh at our primitive tech, since Apple-brand ocular-implant texting devices will no doubt be made mandatory by 2019. [KPLC-TV]

Two cheesehead time capsules to be opened next week

Time capsules with items from 1964 and 1989 will be opened next week in Niagara, Wisconsin. No word yet on what's inside the capsules, but they'll go on display at the First National Bank after Wednesday's uncapsuling ceremony. [Iron Mountain Daily News]


Image: Kids burying the jersey "time capsule" in Bonham, Texas via KXII




Has there ever been anything valuable found in a time capsule? It seems like it's always newspapers and other useless nick-nacks.