This Week's Top Comedy Video: Manic Pixie Prostitute

Any necktied-up guy who's "finding himself" while growing up quicker than he ever imagined dreams for a girl like Zooey Deschanel or Natalie Portman to spice up his boring, stuffy life with their zany spontaneity. And though those girls mostly exist in indie movies and quirky TV shows and independent coffee shops in Brooklyn/Portland, there's always the hope of paying a prostitue to fill that hole.


The rest of this week's top comedy videos, including the hilarious Instagram/Nickelback double parody video, Elephant Larry's Treehouse and finding lost gold can be found over at Splitsider.

Other highlights from the week in comedy:

- Kristen Wiig might be playing Brick Tamland's wife in Anchorman 2.

- The Freaks and Geeks cast reunited.

- Albert Brooks and Bill Murray each made phenomenal Letterman appearances.

- Stephen Colbert celebrated Hobbit Week and has some Senate buzz.

- Scott Aukerman's Los Angeles stand-up show Comedy Bang Bang ended its 10-year run with a night full of comedy superstars.


- The Grammy Award nominees for Best Comedy Album were announced and overlooked a lot of great stuff.

- Dennis Perrin looked back on the life of his friend, longtime SNL writer Tom Davis.

- Mike Judge is making an HBO show.

- Vanity Fair released its Judd Apatow-edited comedy issue, which is full of excellent stuff.


- Fox ordered one cop comedy, and ABC ordered two,
bringing the total number of cop comedies in development for next season to 7 (for now).

- We interviewed longtime Simpsons writer Matt Selman, Billy on the Street host Billy Eichner, "Tell Your Friends!" host Liam McEneaney, and Looney Tunes voice actor Joe Alaskey,


- We analyzed the Oscar odds of this year's comedies.

- We looked back at Dana Carvey's stint on SNL, the Graham Chapman documentary A Liar's Autobiography, a Louis C.K. interview from the archives, CBS's short-lived sitcom Partners, and all the movie parts Chris Farley almost played but didn't.


- We recommended the week's best podcasts.

- We Follow Fridayed @AaronFullerton.

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".......there's always the hope of paying a prostitue to fill that hole."

Nice line.