This Week's Top Comedy Video: The Worst Pick-Up Lines


If you're at a party or at a bar or at a club or on the street or just living this thing we called life, you should probably never ever say these pick up lines. They're cringe-inducingly awful. They make you consider asexuality. They make you want to never meet new people again.

The rest of this week's top comedy videos, including black superheroes, a TV show with Matchbox 20, Lizzy Caplan's incredible fashion film and more can be found over at Splitsider.

-Community is back! We talked to departed creator Dan Harmon and season premiere writer Andy Bobrow, looked at highlights from the writers' Reddit AMA, and checked out how season 4 is faring with the new regime.


-Chris Pratt is going to be a Marvel superhero in Guardians of the Galaxy.

-IFC picked up Comedy Bang Bang for a giant, 20-episode season.

-Kristen Wiig officially signed on for Anchorman 2.

-Delocated will end with a special season finale.

-From across the pond: Monty Python is reuniting for Terry Jones's new sci-fi movie, and the Alan Partridge movie finally started filming.


-We gave you a guide to the NYC comedy scene.

-A patent troll case is putting the entire podcast community in danger.

-This week in Matthew Perry: we checked in with Go On mid-season and looked at an Onion writer's fake Studio 60 oral history.


-We found the humor in cancer; talked to comic novelist Teddy Wayne; and revisited It's Garry Shandling's Show, Patrice O'Neal's final 2011 special Elephant in the Room, Brian Doyle Murray's short-lived SNL career, the lost works of Sledge Hammer! creator Alan Spencer, and a failed pilot called The Adventures of Superpup.

-We recommend the week's best podcasts.

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Maybe I'm not in a comedic mood but it seemed pretty staged and kinda lame lol