This Whisk Is from the Future

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According to the Population Reference Bureau, 74-percent of the world will live in urban centers by 2025. You know what that means? Apartments, with galley kitchens instead of that fancy sprawling Julia Childs action. Limited space. And tools like this.


You ever try to fit a whisk in a drawer? Impossible. Unless you have awesome drawers. I don't. My whisk sits in a jar on my counter the rest of my NSFDrawer kitchen implements. This whisk, however, would slide in right next to my chopsticks. Huzzah.

Bloom, another crowdsourced design from community innovation site Quirky, works like a switchblade. When it's time to park this double-bulbed creamwhipper under the counter, just cram its silicon-covered armature into the handle. OK, that's not really *just* how a switchblade works. You'd cut your hand. But you get the idea: Boom, this thing'll fit anywhere. $15, or $12 if you pre-order [quirky]


"74-percent of the world will live in urban centers by 2025." - that's a terrifying thought, from an economic standpoint.