This Wild Concept For the Ultimate Urban Bike Will Soon Be a Reality

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Last week we looked at The Bike Design Project, a competition between five design teams and bike builders to create the perfect urban bike. And today we have a winner, which will now be put into production by Fuji—so you'll be able to buy it, if Blade Runner-looking velocipedes are your thing.

The winning design, as chosen by online voters, hails from Seattle; a collaboration between the industrial designers at Teague and local bike builder Sizemore Bicycle. All of the entries were packed with electricity-powered features, but Seattle's contribution, "Denny, goes the furthest down that road—starting with electric pedal assist.


Now, plenty of luddites (grouches? purists?) will question whether you truly need anything more than a dependable piece of steel and some wheels. Yet, based on the popularity of Denny, plenty of cyclists are interested in what might amount to the street-borne equivalent of a Nest thermostat.

So what will they be getting when Denny hits the show floor? The most obvious physical feature is the bizarre square-shaped handlebar, which is designed to slide open and serve as a lock:

Then there's the embedded backlight and a set of turn signals you activate by nudging your brake on either side:


Still, it's not all powered by a battery. Some details are analog and simply clever, like Denny's front-facing cargo platform and what looks to be a super-minimal fender:


Even luddites can get behind a better butt-saver, right? [Bike Design Project]

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sTalkinggoat attacks! with Trollhammer for 14 DMG

I usually hate it when Industrial Designers tackle bikes ( as an Industrial designer and and urban cyclist.) but this has some cool features. Of course with custom hardware comes repair headaches.