This Wooden Birdfeeder Tries To Thwart Squirrels With a High-Wire Act

Of all the technological and engineering challenges mankind has faced throughout history, none have been as daunting as designing a bird feeder that prevents squirrels from stealing seeds. And even if the wire-suspended Spun still isn't the perfect solution, at least it looks good while giving squirrels a real challenge.


Made from maple and other hard woods, the feeder not only includes a protected shelf for seeds, but also a small birdbath on top so your fine-feathered-friends have a place to wash up after a snack. The use of two steel cables to keep it suspended over your yard might require the loyal squirrels to up their game, but even with a unique design and a price tag of $115, you'll probably still be giving them a free meal. [Urban Product via Contemporist]

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