Thor Is Selling More Comics As A Woman

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When Marvel announced that Mjolnir and the mantle of God of Thunder would pass to a woman last year, there were grumbles from certain idiots circles that the character was doomed. But the new Thor run isn't just selling well: It's actually outselling the last male Thor run.

According to sales information from Comichron, the first four issues of Thor since the comic's relaunch in October outsold the four most recent issues of male Thor's last standalone, God of Thunder, by nearly 20,000 copies (not including digital sales). Thor's debut in Thor #1 even sold 150, 862 issues compared to the 110, 443 sold by Thor: God of Thunder #1 when it was released in 2012.

Now, there's the argument to be made that comparing Thor's first four issues to the last four of God of Thunder is a misnomer, considering most comic book series see sales dips the longer and longer they run on for. But if we compare the latest figures for both series, we can still see a hearty increase for the new Thor's series: Thor: God of Thunder #25 sold 48,000 copies in September, while last month's Thor #5 sold 69, 500. So even on a more even playing field, Thor is heftily outselling her predecessor — which means that even though Secret Wars is bring an end to her comic for now, there's a good chance she'll be back mainlining Marvel's Thor series shortly after.


Thor has no patience for her detractors at the best of times, but it's nice to see empirical proof that becoming the Goddess of Thunder has not doomed the entire comics industry as some idiots people thought.

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