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Threadbare Exotica from Amsterdam

Illustration for article titled Threadbare Exotica from Amsterdam

“Shake Rain” by Oval Angle starts like a white-noise whir. Given that there is so much white noise flourishing in experimental music of late, one wouldn’t be surprised, let alone disappointed, if it had continued with its wooly, slightly jittery gait. But then brushy shakers and a fluttery keyboard line, of the sort that Money Mark made famous in his solo outings when away from the Beastie Boys, cut through. It’s a thrilling little ditty, bracing and fully assured. It’s threadbare exotica: lounge pop made with the spirit of Fourth World music, all rudimentary resources put to chill use. It’s a teaser for the full (cassette and download) album Conversation with a Table, which has both a 2013 release date and a “coming soon” notice — given that it’s December 11, that makes for a short event horizon. Looking forward to the full thing.


Track originally posted for free download at Oval Angle is Geran Knol of Amsterdam, the Netherlands. More from Knol at and

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