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Three-People Snowboard Is Even More Stupid than It Sounds

Illustration for article titled Three-People Snowboard Is Even More Stupid than It Sounds

What you are seeing here is two grown men riding a 9 feet, 7 inches XJ-13 two-people snowboard. Why? Because they can, and have an intimate desire to a) look stupid, b) appear in the media looking stupid, c) wear fur coats and hats while sticking their tongues out. Doesn't it seem stupid to you? It will after you see it in action, including the ride with the three-people at the end of the video.


That guy smiling in the photo is Butch Brady, of Jackson, while the guy behind him is Eric Sweet. And the board is probably the longest snowboard in the world, according to the Guinness World of Records. Hmmmm. Guinness. Time to go to the fridge. [Spluch]

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I love the way that glove and the snow in the way look like a cat face coming out of the sleeve.

Why not just cram a bunch of slope-tards in a giant dish and just toss em over a steep snowy chasm?