Three Spinning Chambers Puts a 30 Dart Barrage in BOOMco's New Triple Tornado

Hasbro’s been hogging the toy blaster spotlight lately with its new Rival line, but Mattel’s got some fun additions to its BOOMco line enroute too, including the Triple Tornado (originally called the Spinsanity 3X at Toy Fair 2015) featuring three spinning chambers that hold a total of 30 darts.


The folks at Blaster Labs found this new promotional video for the Triple Tornado on Vimeo, and while it doesn’t reveal a price or street date, it does finally show the blaster in action, as well as an extending shoulder stock that wasn’t included on earlier prototypes.


In the heat of battle there’s no crueller fate than running out of darts while you’re under attack. But with 30 rounds that can be continuously fired as fast as you can pull the trigger, the Triple Tornado should help tip the scales of victory in your favor. [Vimeo via Blaster Labs]

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Heyo - Andy Ochiltree from BOOMco here. Not sure how this product sizzle was leaked, but it’s over a year old. That said, it is pretty representative of the final product. The final has a blue deco (which is cooler imo) and some other aesthetic tweaks but is almost the same as this. I'm really proud of this lean, mean blasting machine - hope you guys dig it!

Raise of hands if you want to see the commercial for this bad boy when it goes live?