The perpetually delayed but now available Gran Turismo 5 probably doesn't need anymore teases associated with its namesake, but nevertheless here we go again. Thrustmaster, you see, has the "official steering wheel" rights this time around, and recently teased this:

This brief, tantalizing screengrab—well, tantalizing to those who salivate over super realistic ways to control their super realistic racing games—is of the T500RS, and it's bloody expensive!


At $500 for the wheel only (H-pattern shifter is apparently extra), you 'll get something that resembles the maddening glimpse seen above.

There will be more information at CES during the device's official reveal, so until then you'll have to make do sputtering along in the slow lane with your inadequate controller.

Updated: Additional pic with pedals from PlanetaDeJuego:


The shifter is still extra, price unknown. [PlanetaDeJuego via GTPlanet via Thrustmaster via Engadget - Thanks, Mike]

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