It's great to hear that Texas Instruments is making a high-speed wireless chip, but it's a big downer to hear that it's mainly for Asian markets. Of course, I guess if we actually had technology they could put the things into, it would help, but still, this is a Texas-based company, for god's sake! The chip is based on W-CDMA and will support video and the Internet, pitting it against other big companies that have been offering similar chips, such as Qualcomm. TI developed the chip with NTT DoCoMo and I'm sure the Japanese phone company will substantially help with the business plan. But the big news here is that with this move, there could be a drop in 3G technology, maybe between 10 and 30 percent, according to TI Vice President Alain Mutricy. So great for us, if we ever actually get it...

Texas Instruments offers new phone chip for Asia [Reuters]

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