TigerDirect Is Selling the Last TouchPads Today (In a Slightly Less Stupid Bundle)

I hate bundles. Don't make me buy things I don't want. Especially that dumb stupid Best Buy bundle that shackled a TouchPad to an HP computer. Ugh. Now TigerDirect is liquidating their TouchPads under slightly less annoying bundle terms. Ugh.


The fire sale, so fancy it has its own countdown timer on TigerDirect, will make you buy the following things you probably neither want nor need:

•Belkin 10.1-inch tablet case
•Belkin FlipBlade tablet stand
•Creative Labs D80 Bluetooth speakers
•HP 16GB USB Flash drive.

Those forced peripherals, plus the TouchPad, come to a total of $280. Not exactly a $100 fire sale, but some sort of smoldering promotion nonetheless. So, if you're willing to find closet space for some Bluetooth speakers (or like them!), mash refresh at TigerDirect's sale page at 2:30 PM EST. Also! They don't say you can't return all that fluff after the fact. Suckers. [PC Mag]

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