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Best Buy's Finally Got More Firesale TouchPads... IF You Buy an HP Computer. Ugh

Illustration for article titled Best Buys Finally Got More Firesale TouchPads... IF You Buy an HP Computer. Ugh

So HP's finally let loose another load of firesale 32GB TouchPads for $149, which will be available at Best Buy Starting November 1st. That would be totally great and welcome news except for one thing: You've got to buy a HP computer to get the sale price. Come on.


HP recently announced that it's pulling a Qwikster and not spinning off its PC division, and it's also announced future plans for tablets, though probably not the TouchPad in its current iteration. Still, the reversal of course probably has something to do with this totally sh*tbaggy but also sensible decision to tack the firesale TouchPads onto their PC hardware to try to drive some sales.


Unless, uhh... can we return the computer? Update: Nope! [Reuters via TechCrunch]

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MAKE2 Mifune

I would have gotten one, even though I already have a Kindle Fire on preorder....but I don't need another computer right now...isn't that the whole marketing shpiel of tablets to begin with?

"Buy a tablet, because you like the portability and functionality and don't quiet need the power and bulk of a computer or laptop." It's kind of stupid that they would require a computer purchase with it.