Tim Cook: Apple Watch Will Ship in April

During Apple's earning call when the company revealed how they had sold a shit-ton of iPhones (74.1 million to be exact), Tim Cook also gave us a little update on another highly anticipated iDevice saying the long-awaited Apple Watch will actually ship sometime in April.

This is a slight delay from the rumors we've heard that the Apple Watch would be shipping in March, but we're going to assume that the Cupertino CEO knows what he's talking about. Also those rumors mentioned that it would "launch" in March and Cook is talking about shipping, so you know, details.


The Apple Watch lost a little luster last week when a report from 9to5Mac said that the Apple Watch would only last around 2.5 hours under heavy use, suggesting that Apple hadn't solved smartwatches' biggest problem—battery life. But there's still considerable excitement around Apple's first wearable. And now we know roughly when we'll find out if it lives up to the hype.

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