Christina Perasso, star of Hollywood's first social film, Inside, has been trapped in an unknown location for 10 days, with little to eat or drink. Here's what we know so far:

By the light of a laptop, she's discovered that chicken wire covers the walls, a security camera is trained on her every move, and someone has planted a cryptic missive written on a torn-out book page with certain letters circled, in an as-yet-undetermined pattern. The lights keep flipping on and off, her Wi-fi connection is intermittent at best, and weird shadows appear under the locked door.

The Feds are on the case, but sniffing down the wrong trails. Her mom, along with legions of friends and new fans, is posting videos of support on Facebook, and, creepiest of all, "gifts" are being slid beneath the door by a person wearing leather gloves. And the "gifts" seem to have been lifted from her own bedroom.


When her Internet connection is working, Christina's been posting clues to her whereabouts on her Facebook wall. Can you figure out where she is?

Watch the first installment of Inside (above) to see how the whole ordeal began. Then click here to get caught up on all 5 films. Fans have already been setting up Facebook groups, Facebook docs, and blogs to help stay organized in their efforts to save her. Christina's been responding to the overwhelming show of support in real time, on Facebook, on YouTube, and on Twitter @ChristinaP887. There's still time to get involved and help Christina escape. And your posts, videos, ideas, and words of encouragement can all still be featured in the experience!