After years of criticism and debate, plus a Washington D.C. circuit court ordering that the TSA accept public comment, you can finally weigh in about those scanners that not-so-subtly undress you.

In most major airports the scanners have largely been replaced by millimeter-wave scanners, which produce less graphic images, but the backscatter X-ray machines are still in use in smaller security operations. More than 600 comments have already been publicly submitted to the TSA and the forum will be open until June 24th at 11:59 PM EST. So far, commenters are mainly highlighting privacy, civil rights and health concerns. One anonymous commenter noted that:

The TSA has not proven that this invasive method of screening is any more effective than faster, cheaper, and less intrusive methods. The cost of these systems, in both purchase and operation, is extremely high, and they will not substantially increase passenger safety.


But of course with anonymity comes, shall we say, emotional views:

You have NOT made me feel safer! As a matter of fact you have made me feel extremely unsafe. You have violated me, anyone else that did that would be in prison. Makes me feel extremely unsafe! You have NOT proven your organization as useful at all. Treating all people as criminals, when we are not, is so wrong. Isn't that what our courts say "innocent until proven guilty"?

Okay, democracy. Go to work. Make sure your voices are heard and stay classy everyone. [ via The Verge]


Photo courtesy of WikiMedia Commons