Time Travel to 1939 with the New York Public Library's Biblion iPad App

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The New York Public Library has a stunning new app that lets you see a ton of essays, pictures, people, etc and information about the 1939-40 World's Fair. It's like a time traveling machine that brings you back to that era.

The NYPL is opening up their legendary collection, this time dealing with the 1939-40 World Fair, in the app Biblion and has given iPad users an interactive time capsule to play with. For a history buff like me, I'm eating this up, I can see fashion styles of 1930's women, what they imagined the future to be and just peak into a world that's so much different than ours.

The app is great too (though occasionally over the top), and easy to navigate, with stacks grouped together and galleries that are easily navigable. The Biblion World Fair app is supposed to be a series, with more issues of different topics and eras to come. I can't wait to learn more. [iTunes]