Time Warner Delays Bandwidth Cap Pricing Tests in Texas After Customer Complaints

San Antonio and Austin residents apparently raised enough of a fuss to push Time Warner's tiered pricing test, which was scheduled to begin this summer, back to October. So sayeth a TWC PR rep to the San Antonio Express-News:

"What happened as we're continuing to listen was we worked in some of the comments and ideas that got sent to us," Ramos said. "We came to the realization, let's do this in October."

Meanwhile, the AP has a story detailing customer pushback in Rochester, NY, another potential test zone. Although no delay has been announced for Rochester, angry customers are getting their legislators involved. Showdown!

[San Antonio Express-News, AP via Register]

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I think us users need to start to band together and send mass emails and phone calls. I have already sent 2, I'm going to send one each month. A very professionally stated email is the way to go, they will ignore emails out of anger. I live in Ohio, so far these caps have not affected me, but if we let them continue the way they are everywhere that they cover will be under their new bandwidth capped business model.

I simply explained that the day they impose a cap I will be leaving their service along with the millions of their other customers. I think everyone reading this article needs to send an email if they are a customer of Time Warner Cable.

Once they hit a certain number of people leaving it will no longer be profitable for them to impose the caps and on their part would be entirely the only reason they would impose them(to make more profit).

The more emails they get the more they will think about having to change.