Tinkerer Builds More Durable Version of Nintendo Labo Toys Using Lego

When I reviewed Nintendo’s Labo kits a few months ago, I was genuinely impressed that the company had managed to create playable accessories out of cardboard. However, a few months later they’re starting to show some wear and tear, and glue and tape can only go so far when it comes to repairing them. That’s why I love the idea of recreating the Labo toys using infinitely repairable Lego.


Vimal Patel is back with a handful of new Nintendo Switch experiments involving everyone’s favorite building toy, but the most interesting of the lot are his recreations of the Labo piano, motorcycle handlebars, and fishing rod, which are arguably some of the most compelling reasons to try out the cardboard kits.

Patel’s alternatives seem to work just as well as the originals do, but they come with other advantages. If one gets soaked in Mountain Dew, for example, instead of tossing a soggy pile of cardboard, you could just rinse the sticky mess off the plastic pieces. And if you ever get enraged when the line snaps while trying to reel in a Great White Shark and throw your fishing rod across the room, it’s possible you could rebuild it, assuming you can find all those Lego pieces again.



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