Halloween is now nothing but a bowl full of empty candy wrappers and smashed pumpkins, which means it’s time to switch gears and start prepping for Christmas by building Chris McVeigh’s latest collection of Lego ornaments.


Like in years past, McVeigh—aka Powerpig—has provided the instructions to build his latest batch of custom-designed ornaments for download on his site for free. All you need to provide is the specified Lego pieces. So if you’ve already got a healthy collection of Lego at home, you’re halfway there.

If your Lego stocks are lacking, though, McVeigh does sell some of his holiday creations on his site. You won’t find the unique ornaments he creates every year, but you will find some of his festive faux-gingerbread sets. As for a tree to hang all these Lego creations on, that’s all up to you. [Chris McVeigh]

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