Titanium iPhone Is Cool, Too Bad It's Not Real

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I like the idea of this titanium iPhone body replacement. And that's why it's too bad it is just a nice, hyper-realistic 3D render or painted plastic body. Update: Great. Engadget just published a video, but is it really titanium?

First, the guy says this case costs not much more than the price of an iPhone. But the making of a custom, very intricate titanium part like this is a complicated and expensive process, one that would require ultra-precise CAD work and manufacturing. For CNC you will need a very high resolution machine, and molding is not available to mere mortals. Only someone at an aerospace company, a high end prototyping shop, or a factory would be able to pull this off. That's why you don't see custom iPhone bodies in the market—I want them, please—unless they are Chinese mass produced plastics.

One reader below who says he's worked in a titanium forging plant says this:

There is no way in hell that people would want to know the cost of a custom made highly detailed solid titanium part...lets just say if you don't like the cost of phones now, you will 100% hate the cost after they are made of unibody titanium."

Illustration for article titled Titanium iPhone Is Cool, Too Bad Its Not Real

But the most important thing is the fact that there is not such a thing as a "special titanium alloy that is RF transparent." Titanium makes radio signal reception and emission very difficult. It's a radio insulating material, which is why the Titanium PowerBook G4 had such a crappy Wi-Fi reception. Sadly, the alleged alloy simply doesn't exist. And if it does, you would only find it at Boeing or Lockheed Martin's secret development facilities. Or Area 51.

If he discovers such a thing, I suggest he patents the hell out of it and sells it to the military. They would love it. There's the issue of having the mute button in the wrong orientation too, but it's ok. If you can create objects from nonobtamium, you can rearrange the circuitry inside the machine too.

But despite all that, it's quite nice little fantasy case.

Update: As the video shows, the case is real. However, knowing how titanium insulates against radio signals, we find very hard to believe it's made of this material. [Modmyi via Engadget]


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How about a gadget made of some nice smooth stone?

Probably terrible for reception, but boy would that feel good in your hand.

Or how about really well sealed bamboo!