TiVo Now With 2 Terabytes of Storage (Unofficially)

TiVo chop shop WeaKnees is offering the biggest Series 3 TiVo they can muster. Cramming in a 1TB drive internally along with an external 1TB eSATA, they're offering ready-to-run TiVos with a whopping 2TB of storage space, or enough for 292 hours of HD programming. But when you have enough storage for well over 100 HD movies, it's gonna cost you.

WeaKnees is asking $1,599 for the device, and that's after the $200 mail-in rebate. And while we can appreciate the modding they've done to slip in the extra internal terabyte drive, that eSATA requires all of one minute of user installation.


We'll pay for convenience all day long, but at that price, we'd rather just pony up for a full-blown media PC...or pay someone to invent this thing. [weaknees ] Thanks James!

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